Why Become A Hospice Volunteer?


If you feel that you are ready to give just as much as you receive, your Hospice Heart just might be calling you. There are several areas that you can utilize your skills. Want to interact with patients? Do you have a pet therapy certification and want to use it? Do you like fundraising? How about wanting some accounting experience? 

Corona Regional Medical Center Hospice Auxiliary has so many opportunities to give back to not only hospice, but the community. 

You will hear most volunteers say, “I have received far more than I have given.” (And we are so grateful for them all!)

Becoming A Hospice Volunteer

Our Volunteers are at the heart of our program. We treasure all of them and want to make sure that they are comfortable and effectively trained in whatever area they choose to participate in. If you are interested in becoming a Hospice Volunteer, call the Volunteer Coordinator at 951-736-7286. The Coordinator will then set up an interview time that is convenient for the two of you to meet. You will fill out an application form, get to know each other, and talk about the next training. 

A Little of What to Expect becoming a hospice volunteer


Hospice Training

Our training is approximately 20 hours and covers all the areas of Hospice. The training is done in groups, so you will be in with other folks who share some common interest with you. The hours of the training will try to be worked around the schedules of the majority in the group. 

Some Areas Covered

  • Understanding Hospice, its roots, philosophy and theories

  • Understanding the roles and scope of a hospice volunteer

  • Communication and listening skills

  • Understanding the end of life signs and grief

  • Understanding spiritual care

  • Understanding self care

Wrapping it All Up

Then we celebrate YOU with a graduation and welcome to the Auxiliary, with all of the current volunteers so you can meet them. We want you to feel that you are part of the team as much as any other team member.