“There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than 10,000 tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief….and unspeakable love”- Washington Irving

Bereavement is one of the most difficult things we have to go through in our lives. In relationships, whether in a marriage, parent and child, siblings, friends or others, there is a pair that forms the “we.” But after the death, the “we” becomes an “I.” Surviving that journey is what bereavement support is all about.

At CRMC Hospice we understand the difficulties of loss, and work to offer support in the following ways:

Free Adolescent Grief Counseling

Adolescence is a difficult time for youth, but when a significant loss or complicated grief is added, the result can be a lot of distress that can affect home life, studies and social development. Students who have experienced loss can be referred to our grief counselor by high school counselors. The grief counselor sets up a group, which becomes a part of the student’s routine on campus. Referrals for private counseling are made according to need. 

 (Funded in 2019 by VersaCare Grant: Also supported by Woman's Improvement Group of Corona, Corona Rotary, Circle City Rotary, Other Grants pending)

Free Adult Bereavement Support Groups

Adult Bereavement Support Groups are offered to all our grieving hospice families, and open to anyone in the community who needs support. Participants receive a booklet of materials used in the sessions. The groups are facilitated by trained leaders, who have compassion for the bereaved and a passion to support them on this difficult journey.

Groups are offered at no charge.  Each session lasts 7-8 weeks. 

Registration: Call 951-736-7286

Morning and evening sessions are available.  Please call our office for the most updated calendar and schedule.  

All of our groups are held at Corona Regional Medical Center Rehabilitation Hospital (Hospice Volunteer Auxiliary Office). You must check in at the front desk and signs will direct you to our office.  

(Funded through Hospice Auxiliary fundraisers) 

Bereavement Follow-up Program

This program is run by the Hospice Auxiliary Volunteers and overseen by the Bereavement Coordinator. This program follows our Bereaved Hospice families for 13 months and provides support to them through telephone calls, bereavement packs and literature, newsletters and first year anniversary cards.

Contact Us

For any information on any of our Bereavement programs, please feel free to call: 

(951) 736-7286

Bereavement Group Schedule

Brv Grp schedule 2020 (pdf)