More than a Volunteer...

A Hospice Volunteer is anyone over the age of 18 who has what we lovingly refer to as a “Hospice Heart.” Our Volunteers come from all walks of life and are a diverse group that share a common interest in helping Hospice patients and their families.

Some of our volunteers say they came to us because they felt it was a calling in their life, something they were meant to do. Others say they had walked the hospice journey with a loved one and wanted to give back. Others come to us because they are at a time in their life when they are looking for something worthwhile to do. Whatever the reason, they come to volunteer because they care and want to help.


What Does a Volunteer Do?

 Our volunteers mainly serve in three categories, but most serve in more than one area

  • Patient Care: This role is not hands on care but more of a supportive role. This volunteer may help a family by sitting with their loved one while they run errands. They may visit a patient in a facility whose family is not able to visit as often as they would like, or be like family to a patient who has no one.

  • Office Worker: Our bereavement follow-up program is mostly run by volunteers who put together and maintain bereavement charts, make phone calls to check in with families, and send out written newsletters to encourage those who’ve suffered a loss. There are also other projects that can come up in the office which would require helping hands.There are others who keep volunteer stats for us, help maintain volunteer records, and assist with mailings and donor information.

  • Special Projects: These volunteers may be in leadership of the auxiliary as an officer, or work on fundraisers. We also have volunteers who work on specific projects such as making lap robes, or cards, or help us to maintain our web page and computers.

Are you ready to join our Hospice team and make a difference in the lives of our patients and families? Would you like to connect with your community and serve others??