"I think sometimes with a pet, we can reach people that otherwise we cannot." -Unknow


Just spending time and petting or cuddling with an animal can have great benefits for your health. It has been shown that interaction with animals can help decrease stress, lower blood pressure, and ease anxiety, while enhancing your mood, and increasing feelings of social support. Dog Therapy is an ideal option for providing comfort to hospice patients who often feel isolated. Our trained handlers and their dogs (associated with Therapy Dogs International) make visits to patients who request visitations. This has provided comfort, companionship, reduced anxiety, and lots of smiling faces.  

"Organizations use pet therapy to help patients needing help in specific areas of treatment including motor skills improvement, helping with verbal communication, helping improve social skills and interacting with others, motivating patients to exercise, increasing self-esteem, decreasing anxiety and loneliness and improving assisted or independent movement."- ScienceCare Today